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Dec 1, 2023
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Jan 2, 2018
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What are worship services like

Webster defines “worship” as:

Wor•ship 1. reverence or devotion for a deity; religious homage or veneration   2. extreme devotion or intense love or admiration of any kind.

Intense love and admiration! Extreme devotion! That’s how we describe worship at St. Philopater Church. We gather together each week to worship God as a family and to express to Him our love, our thanks, and our devotion. Come be our guest as we worship the Lord together!

Our worship services blend the comfort and familiarity of traditional worship with the excitement of a contemporary worship service through both instrumental and vocal Hymns.   Members of St. Philopater Church also worship by participating in hymns, and through prayer and Bible study, which is led by Fr. Youhanna.

Special visual enhancments

The hymns and the Mass prayers are displayed on the overhead screen to help everyone to foucs on the prayers and follow the Mass.

Sermon download

Some of Fr. Youhanna sermons and bible study audios are available here on the website in the resources section.

What do I Need to Bring?

During our Bible study, many members and guests find that it’s easier and more fulfilling to participate in Bible study when they have their own copy of the Bible with them during worship so that they can underline or highlight particular verses for later study. During worship key Bible verses will be displayed on the overhead screens for those who do not have a Bible with them and for those who carry a different translation.


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