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St. Athanasius Class - Grade 9&Up Schedule

Click here for September 2015 - September 2016 Lesson schedule




Click here for September 2014 - September 2015 Lesson schedule


+++++++ 2013 Lesson Schedule +++++++

St. Athanasius Grade 9&UP


8-Sep-13 Raef Yong people and the life of martyrdom       Page 28
15-Sep-13 Haidi The features of the Adolescence stage        Page 30
22-Sep-13 Tasony The 1st Epistle of St Peter ( I )                           Page 35
29-Sep-13 Sozy the 1st Epistle of St Peter ( Cont' )                                     Page 35
6-Oct-13 Usama The 1st Epistle of St Peter ( II )                           Page 42
13-Oct-13 Haidy Hope in the life of young people                   page 46
20-Oct-13 Raef Submission – Depend not on Your Understanding  page 48
27-Oct-13 Tasony Discovering God's will                                                               Page 51
3-Nov-13 Sozy The Christian and Mammon ( Money)                                Page 56
10-Nov-13 Usama Abortion                                                                                          Page 58
17-Nov-13 Haidy The Epistle of St Paul to Ephesians                                      Page 61
24-Nov-13 Raef Forgiveness                                                                                   Page 63
1-Dec-13 Tasony Kiahk paises page 68
8-Dec-13 Sozy Friendship                                                                                     page 71
15-Dec-13 Usama The perable of the wise and foolish virgins                    page 74
22-Dec-13 Haidy Fun and Joy                                                                                   page 76
29-Dec-13 Raef st Maurice and St Verena                                                         Page 11
5-Jan-14 Tasony How the Lord prepaired the world for Incarnation page 80
12-Jan-14 Sozy Marriage                                                                                         page 82
19-Jan-14 Usama Baptism prophecies  page 85
26-Jan-14 Haidi Anxiety                                                                                          page 89
2-Feb-14 Raef the book of Jonah between science and religion  page 94
9-Feb-14 Tasony Heaven                                                                                            page 96
16-Feb-14 Sozy Fasting: spiritual and dogmatic aspects Page 100
23-Feb-14 Usama Hindrance to prayer                                                                  Page 103
2-Mar-14 Haidy Isaiah                                                                                               Page 107
9-Mar-14 Raef The Spiritual Fights                                                                    Page 110
16-Mar-14 Tasony Salvaition in the Orthodox understanding                      Page 115
23-Mar-14 Sozy Be Merciful                                                                                   Page 2
30-Mar-14 Usama Euthanasia                                                                                     Page 16
6-Apr-14 Haidy Contentment                                                                                 Page 24
13-Apr-14 Raef The Great Friday                                                                           Page 120
20-Apr-14 Tasony Night of the Apocalypse                                                            Page 124
27-Apr-14 Sozy The Beauty of the Orthodox Creed                                     Page 19
4-May-14 Usama Resurrection                                                                                 Page 130
11-May-14 Haidy The Life of the Fellowship                                                     Page 133
18-May-14 Raef History of the Liturgy                                                                Page 135
25-May-14 Tasony The meeting between Elijah and Ahab                             Page 140
1-Jun-14 Sozy The second meeting between Elijah and Ahab              Page 145
8-Jun-14 Usama The third meeting between Elijah and Ahab                 Page 145
15-Jun-14 Haidi A Meeting with the Massenger of Ahazia                        Page 147
22-Jun-14 Raef The Holy Trinity; One Ousia; Three Hypostases            Page 5
29-Jun-14 Tasony Discipleship                                                                                  Page 22
6-Jul-14 Sozy The life of st Peter the apostle                                             Page 152
13-Jul-14 Usama Be Merciful                                                                                   Page 2
20-Jul-14 Haidy New Forms of Addiction: Internet, E Mail, Chat Rooms      Page 159
27-Jul-14 Raef Midnight Praises                                                                         Page 156
3-Aug-14 Tasony The Book of Hosia                                                                       Page 164
10-Aug-14 Sozy The second coming                                                                    Page 166
17-Aug-14 Usama The Virgin in the coptic Liturgy  Page 169
24-Aug-14 Haidy The Liturgy of the Catechumens                                          Page 172
31-Aug-14 Raef The Liturgy of the Beleavers                                                   Page 178
7-Sep-14 Tasony
14-Sep-14 Sozy



St. Athanasius Grade 9&UP
Date Servant Lesson
27-Jan-13 Peter The Life of Joshua Grade 10 Page 85, 89
03-Feb-13 Raef Yourself: Know it - Accept it - Sacrifice it Grade 10 Page 54
10-Feb-13 Heidi The Book of Job I, II Grade 10 Page 37, 42
17-Feb-13 Heidi Obedience, St. John the Short Grade 10 Page 46
24-Feb-13 Tasony Confession Grade 10 Page 110
03-Mar-13 Peter St. Macarius the Great Grade 10 Page 69
10-Mar-13 Raef The Holy Fasting Grade 10 Page 104
17-Mar-13 Tasony Tithes and the First Fruit + Remembrance of HH Pope Shenouda III Grade 10 Page 107
24-Mar-13 Peter Unction of the Sick Grade 10 Page 118
31-Mar-13 Raef The Good Samaritan Grade 10 Page 113
07-Apr-13 Tasony The Role of Women in the Church( Old T ), Part 1 Grade 10 Page 131
14-Apr-13 Peter St Peter, seal of the Martyrs Grade 10 Page 144
21-Apr-13 Raef The Effect of the Softly Spoken Word Grade 10 Page 129
28-Apr-13 Tasony The Holy Week Grade 10 Page 121
05-May-13 no Sunday school
12-May-13 Peter Feast of the Resurrection Grade 10 Page 126
19-May-13 Raef Baptism and Chrism Grade 10 Page 116
26-May-13 Heidi The Role of Women in the Church ( New T), Part 2 Grade 10 Page134
02-Jun-13 Tasony St. Paul's Epistle to Philippian Grade 10 Page 50
09-Jun-13 Peter Ascension and Pentecost Grade 10 Page 141
16-Jun-13 Raef A Study of the Acts of the Apostles P. 1 &2 Grade 10 P.57/61
23-Jun-13 Heidi How can I Benefit from the Summur Holiday? Grade 10 Page 138
30-Jun-13 Tasony Daniel Grade 10 Page 73
07-Jul-13 Peter The Apostles'  Feast Period Grade 10 Page 149
14-Jul-13 Raef Spiritual Time Out Grade 10 Page 152
21-Jul-13 Heidi The Epistles to Timothy Grade 10 Page 154
28-Jul-13 Tasony Pop Sphenoda the III, the Archimandrite Grade 10 Page 157
04-Aug-13 Peter Zeal and Enthusiasm Grade 10 Page 162
11-Aug-13 Raef The Eucharist Grade 10 Page 165
18-Aug-13 Heidi The Life of the Lady Virgin Grade 10 Page 168
25-Aug-13 Tasony St. Takla Hymanot Grade 10 Page 171
01-Sep-13 Peter Effect of the Media Grade 10 Page 175
08-Sep-13 Raef The Victory of Martyrs Grade 10 Page 24