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St. Mina Class - Grade 3&4 Schedule

Click here for September 2020 - September 2021 Lesson schedule on Google Drive.


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Click here for September 2015 - September 2016 Lesson schedule




Click here for September 2014 - September 2015 Lesson schedule


+++++++ 2013 Lesson Schedule +++++++

Saint Mina Grade 3&4


8-Sep-13 GEHAN Thankful Leper
15-Sep-13 HODA The Miraculous Deeds of St. Mina and his Martyrdom
22-Sep-13 GEORGE Parable of the Soils
29-Sep-13 MERVAT The Discovery of the Cross by Empress Helene
6-Oct-13 GEHAN - Samson and The Lion
13-Oct-13 HODA - Parents Love: David and Absalom
20-Oct-13 GEORGE - Love for our Neighbors: Ruth
27-Oct-13 MERVAT - God Cares for Pope Athanasius the Apostolic
3-Nov-13 GEHAN The Good Friendship: David and Jonathan
10-Nov-13 HODA - Moving the Mokattam Mount
17-Nov-13 GEORGE Do not be Greedy: Aulogius the Stone Cutter
24-Nov-13 MERVAT Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law
1-Dec-13 GEHAN The Child Jesus Enters the Temple
8-Dec-13 HODA Raising Jairus‟ Daughter
15-Dec-13 GEORGE Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind
22-Dec-13 MERVAT Angels: Ranks, Nature and Work
29-Dec-13 GEHAN The Structure of the Church
5-Jan-14 HODA Nativity Feast: The Angels and the Shepherds
12-Jan-14 GEORGE John the Baptist: His Self-Denial and His Evangelism
19-Jan-14 MERVAT David Kills a Lion and a Bear
26-Jan-14 GEHAN St. Hilaria
2-Feb-14 HODA Week before Fast- Elijah‟s Prayer for No Rain
9-Feb-14 GEORGE Jonah's fast
16-Feb-14 MERVAT Week after Jonah‟s Fast- Elijah and the Priests of Baal
23-Feb-14 GEHAN The Good Counsel: Rehoboam and the Advice of the Older Men
2-Mar-14 HODA Love for the House of God: Araunah the Jebusite
9-Mar-14 GEORGE - Elijah is taken up to Heaven
16-Mar-14 MERVAT - God Cared for Daniel when he Fasted (I)
23-Mar-14 GEHAN - God Cared for Daniel when he Fasted (II
30-Mar-14 HODA - The Unction of the Sick
6-Apr-14 GEORGE - Mary and the Fragrant Oil
13-Apr-14 MERVAT The Power of Christ before and during the Crucifixion
20-Apr-14 GEHAN Feast of Resurrection
27-Apr-14 HODA The Power of Resurrection
4-May-14 GEORGE The Lord is the Good Shepherd
11-May-14 MERVAT The Feast of St. Mark: His Evangelism
18-May-14 GEHAN Do Good to Those Who Offend You: David and Saul
25-May-14 HODA Show Respect for the handicapped: David and Mephibosheth
1-Jun-14 GEORGE Feast of Ascension
8-Jun-14 MERVAT The Holy Family‟s Flight To Egypt
15-Jun-14 GEHAN Almsgiving: Elijah and the Widow
22-Jun-14 HODA St. Paul the First Hermit
29-Jun-14 GEORGE The Philippian Jailer
6-Jul-14 MERVAT The Apostles Courage and Heroism before the Courts of Law
13-Jul-14 GEHAN The Feast of the Apostles: John the Evangelist and the Thief
20-Jul-14 HODA The Priesthood
27-Jul-14 GEORGE Entertaining the Strangers: Anba Pachomius and His Faith
3-Aug-14 MERVAT Pictures and Icons
10-Aug-14 GEHAN The Transfiguration
17-Aug-14 HODA The Feast of the Virgin Mary: Her Departure
24-Aug-14 GEORGE David and Goliath
31-Aug-14 MERVAT -God Cares for Gideon in His Wars
7-Sep-14 GEHAN


Saint Mina Grade 3&4
Date Servant Lesson
10-Feb-13 Mervat Communion
17-Feb-13 Gehan Simon the elder
24-Feb-13 Hoda The Tower of Babylon
03-Mar-13 Peter Tha Parable of the net and God and Evil people
10-Mar-13 Mervat Pope Kyrillos the 6
17-Mar-13 Gehan The widow's tow coins
24-Mar-13 Hoda Abraham find a wife to isaac
31-Mar-13 Peter Confirmation
07-Apr-13 Mervat Washing the feet
14-Apr-13 Gehan Jesus heal a blind man
21-Apr-13 Hoda The power of Christ when crucified revealed
28-Apr-13 Peter Palm Sunday
05-May-13 Mervat Easter
12-May-13 Gehan Resurrection
19-May-13 Hoda Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene
26-May-13 Peter Jesus Christ Appears To His Disciples
02-Jun-13 Mervat Almsgiving - Anba Abraam
09-Jun-13 Hoda
Lights Inside The Church
16-Jun-13 Gehan Ascension
23-Jun-13 Peter Abraham Is Visited By God
30-Jun-13 Mervat Pentecost
07-Jul-13 Hoda The Angels
14-Jul-13 Gehan The Angel That Appeared To Gideon
21-Jul-13 Peter The Apostle Feast
28-Jul-13 Mervat Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant
04-Aug-13 Hoda Showing Respect for Priesthood - Korah and Dathan
11-Aug-13 Peter Repentance And Confession
18-Aug-13 Mervat St. Youstina
25-Aug-13 Gehan The Feast Of The Virgin - The Appearance In Zeiton
01-Sep-13 Hoda Intercession
08-Sep-13 Peter Thankful Leper
15-Sep-13 Mervat