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King David Class - Grade 7&8 Schedule


Click here for September 2020 - September 2021 Lesson schedule on Google Drive.


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Click here for September 2015 - September 2016 Lesson schedule




Click here for September 2014 - September 2015 Lesson schedule


+++++++ 2013 Lesson Schedule +++++++

King David Grade 7&8

8-Sep-13 Tary Types of Martyrs
15-Sep-13 Tary Saint Basil the Great
22-Sep-13 Tary The Carrier of Icons (Iconostasis)
29-Sep-13 Tary The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (I)
6-Oct-13 Tary The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (II)
13-Oct-13 Tary Peer Pressure
20-Oct-13 Tary God‘s Appearances in the Old Testament
27-Oct-13 Tary Tapers and Incense in the Church
3-Nov-13 Tary The Coptic Icon
10-Nov-13 Tary Life of Circumspection
17-Nov-13 Tary The Great Teachers of the Church
24-Nov-13 Tary Explanation of the Orthodox Creed (One God)
1-Dec-13 Tary Explanation of the Orthodox Creed, The Godhead of the Son
8-Dec-13 Tary Explanation of the Orthodox Creed
15-Dec-13 Tary The Sins of the Tongue
22-Dec-13 Tary Nativity and Our Spiritual Life
29-Dec-13 Tary The Coptic Feasts
5-Jan-14 Tary Do Not Worship Men
12-Jan-14 Tary Christmas Presentation
19-Jan-14 Tary The Monk as a Messenger
26-Jan-14 Tary Social Injustice
2-Feb-14 Tary Bribery and Corruption
9-Feb-14 Tary Jonah‘s Fast - Saul, the Powerful King
16-Feb-14 Tary Week after Jonah‘s Fast - David the Prophet and the King
23-Feb-14 Tary The Poor
2-Mar-14 Tary The Prayer Room
9-Mar-14 Tary Contention and the Three Kinds of Challenge
16-Mar-14 Tary Jehovah‘s Witnesses
23-Mar-14 Tary The Mormons
30-Mar-14 Tary The Sabbath of Lazarus
6-Apr-14 Tary The Passion Week
13-Apr-14 Tary Hosanna Sunday
20-Apr-14 Tary Easter
27-Apr-14 Tary Easter Presentation
4-May-14 Tary Christ Appears After Resurrection
11-May-14 Tary The Preaching of St. Mark
18-May-14 Tary Christ Imparts Faith to the Two Disciples of Emmaus
25-May-14 Tary St. John the Beloved
1-Jun-14 Tary The Book of Revelation (I)
8-Jun-14 Tary The Book of Revelation (II)
15-Jun-14 Tary The Holy Spirit is at Work with US
22-Jun-14 Tary Many Gifts And One Aim
29-Jun-14 Tary Nehemiah the Zealot (I)
6-Jul-14 Tary Nehemiah The Zealot (II)
13-Jul-14 Tary Filler- Love is the Greatest Gift
20-Jul-14 Tary filler-The Exile and the Book of Ezra
27-Jul-14 Tary Filler-Division in the Church of Corinth
3-Aug-14 Tary The Book of Ruth
10-Aug-14 Tary Anger
17-Aug-14 Tary The Symbols of the Virgin in the Old Testament
24-Aug-14 Tary The Book Of Joshua The Son Of Sirach
31-Aug-14 Tary Jesus Heals the Woman With the Bent Back
7-Sep-14 Tary Jesus Calms The Storm

King David Grade 7&8
Date Servant Lesson
10-Feb-13 Tary What do I do now?
17-Feb-13 Tary The Epistle of St. James
24-Feb-13 Tary Jonah's Fast-Week before Fast - Prophet Jonah and Salvation
03-Mar-13 Tary Week after Jonah‟s Fast - Susanna and The Second Canonical Books
10-Mar-13 Tary Filler lesson
17-Mar-13 Tary I Fast and Pray as Christ Did
24-Mar-13 Tary Witnessing to the Lord in Today‟s World
31-Mar-13 Tary O Lord: Forgive Me
07-Apr-13 Tary What is My Goal in Life?
14-Apr-13 Tary The Prophet Isaiah
21-Apr-13 Tary Night of the Apocalypse (Apo-Ghalamesis)
28-Apr-13 Tary Crusifix
05-May-13 Tary Easter
12-May-13 Tary Resurrection
19-May-13 Tary How to Study?
26-May-13 Tary The Effect of Media
02-Jun-13 Tary Who is the Poor Man?
09-Jun-13 Tary How to Benefit from the Holy Bible?
16-Jun-13 Tary The Glories of the Feast of the Holy Ascension
23-Jun-13 Tary The Church After the Apostolic Era
30-Jun-13 Tary God Calls St. Paul
07-Jul-13 Tary Trips of St. Paul
14-Jul-13 Tary The Church After the Council of Nicene
21-Jul-13 Tary The Ecumenical Councils
28-Jul-13 Tary The Council of Chalcedon
04-Aug-13 Tary The Transfiguration
11-Aug-13 Tary Some Virtues in the Life of the Virgin
18-Aug-13 Tary The Christian Refuses Fanaticism
25-Aug-13 Tary The Book of Esther
01-Sep-13 Tary Marvelous Stories of Martyrs
08-Sep-13 Tary Holy Liturgy (I)
15-Sep-13 Tary Holy Liturgy (II)