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St. Abanoub Class - Grade 5&6 Schedule


Click here for September 2020 - September 2021 Lesson schedule on Google Drive.


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Click here for September 2015 - September 2016 Lesson schedule




Click here for September 2014 - September 2015 Lesson schedule



+++++++ 2013 Lesson Schedule +++++++

St. Abanoub Grade 5&6


1-Sep-13 Marianne The rich man and Lazarus
8-Sep-13 Mary The coptic year: St. John the Baptist
15-Sep-13 Olivia Deborah the judge
22-Sep-13 Marianne Elisha purifies the water
29-Sep-13 Olivia David, Solomon and the builging of thr temple
6-Oct-13 Mary The Lord appears in the temple
13-Oct-13 Marianne King Josiah and the repair of the temple
20-Oct-13 Mary Elijah restoring the widow's son to life
27-Oct-13 Olivia Nehemia and the rebuilding of the temple
3-Nov-13 Marianne Ezra The Priest
10-Nov-13 Olivia Jesus Heals The Blind Bartimaeus
17-Nov-13 Mary Jesus Heals A Paralytic
24-Nov-13 Marianne The great Flood: the Ark of Noah
1-Dec-13 Mary St. John Chrysostom
8-Dec-13 Olivia Jacob And Esau: Begging For Blessing
15-Dec-13 Marianne Jacob Works With His Uncle Laban
22-Dec-13 Olivia Jacob Loses His Son Joseph
29-Dec-13 Mary Repentance: Moses the Black
5-Jan-14 Mariane Simon the Elder and Prophetess Anna
12-Jan-14 Mary Why Christ is Incarnated?
19-Jan-14 Olivia Epiphany: Baptism
26-Jan-14 Mariane The Wedding at Cana in Galilee
2-Feb-14 Olivia Endurance and Patience: Job
9-Feb-14 Mary Maximus and Domadius
16-Feb-14 Marianne Gideon (I)
23-Feb-14 Mary Gideon (II)
2-Mar-14 Olivia Serving Others: The Good Samaritan
9-Mar-14 Marianne Offering Of Isaac
16-Mar-14 Olivia Confession
23-Mar-14 Mary The Talents: Rewarding the Hardworking Man
30-Mar-14 Marianne Christ Washes His Disciples' Feet
6-Apr-14 Mary St. Marina
13-Apr-14 Olivia The Holy Week
20-Apr-14 Mariane Receiving Holy Communion
27-Apr-14 Olivia The Lord Appeared While They Were Catching Fish
4-May-14 Mary St. George the Martyr
11-May-14 Marianne St. Mark's Feast
18-May-14 Mary TV and The Internet
25-May-14 Olivia The Angel Saves Lot from Sodom: Gods Care for His Children
1-Jun-14 Marianne Treating Others Well: Abigail and David
8-Jun-14 Olivia The Child Jesus Enters the Temple
15-Jun-14 Mary The Book of Tobias
22-Jun-14 Marianne Joseph in Egypt
29-Jun-14 mary The Revelation of John and the Heavenly Jerusalem
6-Jul-14 Olivia St. Stephen
13-Jul-14 Marianne Showing Hospitality to Strangers: Anba Bishoy
20-Jul-14 Olivia Guard Yourself From Greed: Anba Arsanius And The Beans
27-Jul-14 Mary How to Develop Spiritual Habits
3-Aug-14 Marianne St. Dimyana the Martyr
10-Aug-14 Mary Athanasius And All The World Against Him
17-Aug-14 Olivia The Virgins Feast: The Miracle of the Church of Atreeb
24-Aug-14 Marianne Anba Pijimi
31-Aug-14 Olivia Incense
7-Sep-14 Mary The Coptic New Year: St. John the Baptist
14-Sep-14 Marianne Deborah The Judge
21-Sep-14 Mary Elisha Purifies the Water
28-Sep-14 Olivia St. Mary the Egyptian

St. Abanoub Grade 5&6
Date Servant Lesson
10-Feb-13 Marianne Gideon1
17-Feb-13 Mary Gideon 2(Grade6) / Life after death : Heaven(Grade5)
24-Feb-13 Olivia Anba Pijimi
03-Mar-13 Marianne Incense
10-Mar-13 Olivia St.Mary the Egyptian
17-Mar-13 Mary Solomon's wisdom
24-Mar-13 Marianne God judges Korah
31-Mar-13 Mary Murmuring against God
07-Apr-13 Olivia Daniel & Fasting
14-Apr-13 Marianne The Prodigal son
21-Apr-13 Olivia Eli the  priest and hissons
28-Apr-13 Mary Rahab's faith
05-May-13 Marianne The passover lamb
12-May-13 Olivia Maries in the bible
19-May-13 Mary Observe the Lord's Day and keep it Holy
26-May-13 Marianne John the apostle
02-Jun-13 Olivia Friendship
09-Jun-13 Mary Simon and sorcery
16-Jun-13 Marianne Demetrius the vinedresser
23-Jun-13 Olivia Prayer: Hannah the mother of Samuel
30-Jun-13 Mary Prayer: king Hezekiah
07-Jul-13 Marianne The church during the Apostolic Era
14-Jul-13 Olivia Ahab & Naboth of Jezreel
21-Jul-13 Mary Elisha and the chariot of the Lord
28-Jul-13 Marianne Heeling Naaman
04-Aug-13 Olivia Aaron's rod
11-Aug-13 Mary Wrestling with God
18-Aug-13 Marianne Jacob marries Leah  and Rachel
25-Aug-13 Olivia The Agpeya
01-Sep-13 Mary The rich man and Lazarus
08-Sep-13 Marianne The coptic year: St. John the Baptist
15-Sep-13 Olivia Deborah the judge
22-Sep-13 Mary Elisha purifies the water