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Jan 2, 2018
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“Come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem,
that we may no longer be a reproach”
Nahemiah 2:17

St. Philopater

St. Philopateer Mercurius New Church Project

Why do we need a new church?

Our church needs a lot of services and attention. We are currently renting a location that is getting smaller and smaller to accommodate our services and our congregation.

Also, the rented place doesn’t have enough rooms for Sunday school and other important services. On the other hand, the landlord is restricting many of our services and activities due to the fact that we share the building with other tenants. The need to build our own church has become a must to be able to serve the congregation more efficiently.

God's hands with us...

With God’s blessings, we were able to purchase 5.5 acres of land located at the North West side of Guelph and it suits our needs to build a church for St. Philopateer. The land is zoned to be used for religious purposes, as you may know that it is very difficult to find such a piece of land with these requirements especially that it contains Hydro, Sewage, Water and natural Gas in which that will save us a lot of money in comparison to the other lands we have searched.

Summer 2010...

We have the city of Guelph permission to build the church as of July 2010. We also have the architect drawings done. We have found the lender that agreed to lend the church $ 2.5 Million dollars for the building costs. The lender has a condition to approve the loan, which is the church must pay off the land in full.

This project will be a blessing for us all and for our children so we ask for your prayers so that our Lord Jesus Christ may bless and complete this project through your support, prayers and donations.

How can I help?

Attached to this page a donation form with 5 different financial support methods (E.g. Visa, Mastercard, Bank ...) to provide you with convenient options so that you can help with the new church project. Please print it, fill it out and either drop it by, or if you live far, mail it to the church . The current mailing address is:

St. Philopateer Mercurius Coptic Orthodox Church

40 Wilbert St, Guelph, ON N1K 0A3

Donation form: Donation form

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You can also make a direct donation using the secure PayPal button below:

May God our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all and all your offerings.


Project progress


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April 2011:



Winter 2011:



Fall 2010:


Construction site fall 2010

Heavy equipments preparing the land for foundation