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Feb 4, 2010
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Haidy, Therese and Mirvat have had there new babies.
Oct 5, 2009
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New church building Permit has been approved by the city of Guelph!
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Maturing Adults!

St. Philopater Church Maturing Adults, HappyTimers  are so much more than a senior adults.  Many of us are retired, but just as many are still employed.  Within our groups there are quite a few grandparents, but we're not all there yet.  We've reached that age when we realize that age is just a number and no one number can define who we are or who we will one day be.  There are still so many challenges yet to face, and so many milestones we plan to achieve.

If you are 50 years young or better, come join us for friendly Bible study, warm fellowship, and plenty of laughter.  As maturing adults we have learned to lean on one another in hard times and share the joy of good times with our family and friends.  We encourage you to join us as, together, we face all the good things God still has in store for each of us.

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