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Dec 1, 2023
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Feb 16, 2011

You who love Yahweh

“You who love Yahweh, hate evil. He preserves the souls of his saints. He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” Ps 97:10
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Fr. YouhannaMy beloveds, in this verse the spirit of God invite us to despise evil. Since evil-doing separates us from Him and strip us all the blessings it is good to hate it from all our hearts. It is in the same verse that the Holy Spirit promises to keep us and rescue us from the hands of evil doers.   This promise gives us strength to confront evil and despise it. With this promise in hand we should be certain that God’s help is on the way. The sun shall not burn us in the daytime and the moon shall not hurt us at nigh. God will preserve our going in and going out.

Let us see our beloveds, God’s promises to His children

First, God’s promises to those who love Him

He promised them blessings, earthy and heavenly, just to mention a few:

1-The promise of preserving their souls: All will be saved without discrimination since He loves them all, they will be saved while evil doers will be destroyed on the judgment day Yahweh preserves all those who love him, But all the wicked he will destroy.  Ps 145:20

2- The promise of Abundance of wealth, jobs, food etc…: He will fill their storage with blessings; He will flood them with joy and gladness. Just as David the prophet said I haven’t seen a man or his children were needy of food. Since God bless him and his offspring. This is also clear in the verse:    That I may give wealth to those who love me. I fill their treasuries.     Prov 8:21

3- Promise of God’s covenant and everlasting mercies. Those who love God will be loved by Him and will be told “Eternal love I loved you and my mercies will be upon you for ever.”  We cry to God and say according to your mercy oh Lord and not according to our sins. If God treated us as our sins, no one will be saved. But God who forgave us our sins, accept us when we repent and come back to Him and He accordingly extend His mercy to us and that is what Denial said : I prayed to Yahweh my God, and made confession, and said, Oh, Lord, the great and dreadful God, who keeps covenant and loving kindness with those who love him and keep his commandments, Dan 9:4

4- The promise of Peace: Perfect Peace and shield against all hardships that we face on a daily basis. God keeps His children as in the bible their bones are not preserved and not be broken.  He told Peter that the devil wanted to disperse them but He asked their faith be preserved. Same thing in the psalm: Those who love your law have great peace. Nothing causes them to stumble. Ps 119:165

5- Promise of joy and gladness: God’s children will see Him and be happy as He said you would see me and be happy and no one would be able to take your happiness. Also protection as Moses said God will fight for you and you will be silent. The Lord of glory promised us that even one hair of us will not fall save his permission. Let all those who seek you rejoice and be glad in you. Let such as love your salvation say continually, “Let Yahweh be exalted!”  Ps 40:16

6- the promise of Dwelling in Jerusalem: We will rein with Him in His kingdom Who ever beat evil will be with Him in His kingdom. He or she will live with God in His house with His saints. They will enjoy His Glory in the paradise they will see what was never perceived by a human being that is what God prepared for those who loved Him. This recognition is destined to His lovers. As said in the psalm

7- Finally all theses promises are guaranteed: God with a merciful eyes will look at them and cover them with overwhelming care and mercy . What a great feeling to see God looking at me with all mercies it makes us cry with the prophet with you I will nothing on this earth.. It is enough that the Lod looked at Peter and forgave him and thereafter Peter affected by this great tenderness went out and wept remorsefully on his mistake.    Turn to me, and have mercy on me, as you always do to those who love your name.  Ps 119:132

The second point my beloveds,

It is important my friend that you know that no sinners enter the holy city; those who commit adultery and lie. Only those who are written in the book of the lamb those who love God would . No evil doers or Satan followers will be there. It is important my friends to check ourselves so we are not forbidden from the Holy city of God. It is an invitation that we shouldn’t turn down.

These are bunch of bad things that we should not do:

1- Bragging: Don’t be proud in front of God but humble yourself be like the sinner not the Pharisee Ps 5:5 The arrogant shall not stand in your sight.
You hate all workers of iniquity.

2-Lying: those who love god should be righteous God said He is the way, right and life who ever believed in me will live for ever even though he dies. When we walk in God’s path When are righteous we will be His children we will ask Him to test us and know our hearts and examine our thoughts. We will avoid lying. It is said that the Satan is the father of lying if we lie we can not be God’s children we are clearly following Satan.    I hate those who regard lying vanities,
But I trust in Yahweh.  Ps 31:6 And also Therefore I consider all of your precepts to be right. I hate every false way.    Ps 119:128

3-      Avoiding evil things; focus on the cross and avoid evil things. will set no vile thing before my eyes. I hate the deeds of faithless men. They will not cling to me.  Ps 101:3 I

4-      Avoid compromising We should be still like tree branches winds of hardship and worldly lusts should not move us. No compromising between good and evil. The world is put in the devil’s hand. We should cling to God John the Baptist who the Lord said that he is like a branch stick left in the wind because of his forsaking the world’s belongings.

5- Satying away from betrials. Jodas betried Jesus and pretended to be a friend and sold Him. His end with filled with sorrow I hope that we all understand the lesson.   I look at the faithless with loathing, Because they don’t observe your word.  Ps 119:158

6- Avoid pride: Before sin comes pride and before falling comes arrogant souls. The bible warns us from pride.  God will disperse the arrogant and raise the humble. Modesty is a great virtue. The fear of Yahweh is to hate evil.
I hate pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the perverse mouth.  Prov 8:13

7- Stay away from rebellious acts

Israelis repel God and He decided to destroy the whole generation and not allow them to enter the promised land. It was only Joshua and few others who entered. Like the older son in the prodigal son parable rebelled and refused to welcome his brother. This sense of false righteousness is not good.   “All their wickedness is in Gilgal;
For there I hated them. Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of my house! I will love them no more All their princes are rebels.  Hos 9:15

Enjoy my friend God’s promises while you should bear in your mind that everyone will be judged according to their deeds. And God will help and support you so you may hate evil and follow His rules so we may have His blessings
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